Understanding the drivers of HIV in two municipalities, the effects on socio economic development and how to build mitigation measures into long term planning

This assignment intends to undertake research to understand the drivers of HIV and Aids in the municipalities and the anticipated effects on medium to long term socio-economic development. The assignment will also assist the municipalities in interpreting and analysing the research and anticipated effects, building this information and knowledge into their planning processes and making recommendations on how to mitigate the effects by building strategies and approaches into planning, budgeting and decision-making frameworks and cycles.

Health Focus South Africa's services include research to collect and analyse data on the drivers of HIV and AIDS in the municipal
jurisdictions; forecasting the impact of these on socio-economic growth, development & opportunities; designing of a policy analysis tool; building mitigating strategies for planning and translating these into costed and prioritised implementation strategies and/or projects and capacity development strategy and workshops.