TB in the Mining Sector in Southern Africa (TIMS ) Phase 2

The TIMS programme emerged from a recognized need for a regionally coordinated response to the issue of tuberculosis and related illnesses among mineworkers, ex-mineworkers and their families and communities. Despite the longstanding history of mining in the region, few regional policies and systems have been implemented to limit the spread of communicable diseases such as TB. Accessible occupational health services is thus critically needed to ensure appropriate screening, health and support services, including compensation for mineworkers, ex-mineworkers, and their families.

The first phase of this grant, ran from January 2016 December 2017 and was focused on developing infrastructure, processes and systems as part of a regional initiative to address the TB burden. The second phase of the grant ends in December 2020 and it will use studies and systems developed in this phase and institutionalize some of these systems; deepen the quality of the services and ultimately integrate them into country systems. The goal for phase 2 is ‘to contribute towards the reduction of the TB burden in the mining sector in Southern African countries’.

Health Focus South Africa is a service provider to Enhancing Care Foundation (EFC) who is a sub recipient of the grant working in 5 Southern African countries, namely Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Eswatini. Our aim is to develop and conduct capacity building for Unions and Small Scale Associations and Inspectorates in the 5 countries on harmful dust control and management systems in mines.