Development of the Country Gender Equality Profiles for Botswana and Eswatini

Health Focus has been tasked by the African Development Bank to develop the Country gender equality profiles (CGEPs) for Botswana and Eswatini. These CGEPs will focus on the country’s priority development sectors. They will provide updated information on the status of women and men in economic and social spheres, key gender equality challenges, the differential effects of external shocks such as global financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and identify priority actions required to tackle gender disparities. The envisaged comprehensive gender analysis will indicate gender roles of women and men in the selected sectors, in terms of their socio-economic position, needs, participation rates, access to resources, control of assets and decision making.

It is anticipated that the profiles shall be used to inform ongoing and planned policy dialogues, supporting decisions and priorities to respond to the current socio-economic context, monitoring achievements and national development planning, upscaling and expanding of existing programmes and development of new initiatives. The profiles shall also serve as a reference point and guidance to Development Partners, Civil Society and the Private Sector.

Overall, the profiles will assist in accelerating and institutionalizing mainstreaming of gender and women empowerment concerns across all sectors and levels, for maximum impact in achieving gender equality and poverty reduction.