Appointment of Monitoring and Evaluation Service Provider to Support SANAC in the Eastern and Southern Africa Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Twenty countries in the ESA Region endorsed the ESA Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services for young people (10-24 years) in December 2013.

In support of the above, Health Focus South Africa was assigned to provide M&E technical expertise, guidance in support to document and understand the availability of robust data, evidence and knowledge required to strengthen CSE reporting and provide M&E learning on the implementation of the ESA CSE project in collaboration with SANAC, PCA, GIZ and DoH.

Health Focus South Africa will Conceptualize a systems/data integration concept on multi-sectoral reporting and use of age and gender disaggregated data through the Focus for Impact web-platform; develop a framework for mutual accountability between national, provincial and district level AIDS Councils in line with ESA targets and document success factors and disseminate the model approach. In addition, strengthen the identification, documentation and dissemination of demand-led implementation approaches through regional exchange.